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Godwin Cassar an architect/planner by profession retired as Director General of the Malta Environment & Planning Authority in January 2009 after a 36-year career in the public service, 17 years of which heading the executive level at the Authority. Before the Authority was founded he was instrumental in setting up new structures, training staff and leading a team of around 50 professionals in drawing up the first Structure Plan for Malta. In April 1996 he was admitted as Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute (UK). In July 1998 he was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University of Central England, Birmingham in recognition of his ‘distinguished services to planning’. Towards the end of his career he was actively involved with university academia in formulating the national strategy for sustainable development.

On his retirement he started looking for new interests as a break from the high pressure job he had become accustomed to. He first published ‘Planning Matters’ a collection of essays and other writings on planning issues written between 1985-2008. In the summer of 2009 he followed a short course on painting & drawing under the guidance of a young artist Matthew Cassar at the Carmelite Priory in Mdina. This course included mainly still life drawing and portraits in ink and pencil. In October of the same year he joined the first year of the arts foundation course at the School of Arts which introduced him to new techniques in poster colours

Soon after the successful conclusion of the first year exam at the School of Arts in May 2010 he enrolled for private tuition in watercolours under the guidance of Vincent Amos, a British resident artist who formerly lectured at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom where he was also an Arts Director.

In 2012 he participated in the 11th National Art Exhibition organised by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Between April and June of 2013 Godwin Cassar followed an intensive workshop of 16 sessions under the guidance of leading watercolourist John Martin Borg in landscape painting. The workshop included live demonstrations and hands-on experience; appreciation of landscape types; composition; skies, depicting space, perspective; techniques in watercolour; painting buildings & trees; interpreting water and the use of photography. In June of 2013 he attended a week-long painting workshop in Posara, Italy under the guidance of Thomas Schaller a renowned American watercolourist. Schaller has long been considered one of the foremost architectural artists in the world. In the field, he has won every major award for his artwork. He is increasingly in demand internationally to conduct his watercolour workshop series: 'The Architecture of Light'.

Between 5th September to 31st October staged first solo exhibition at Hilton Malta and exhibited 48 watercolours curated by E.V.Borg. Sold paintings to residents in Malta, Unite Kingdom, America, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China and Japan.

Cassars watercolours emanate a sense of tranquillity, serenity, peace and rest the result of his cool, observant and reflective nature. His meditative and contemplative approach expose a placidity and unruffled nature suggesting mood, atmosphere and atmospherics. He has a penchant for order, reason and restraint. His landscape, streetscape, seascapes, gardens and skylines capture light and shadow, shapes and forms, space, depth and distance and vibrant light in a figurative and realistic manner - given a romantic and poetic slant.

In the meantime Godwin Cassar has not relinquished all his ties with the profession as he is still involved in a number of areas. He is currently a member of the Commission for Catholic Cultural Heritage set up by the Curia; Faculty board member of the Islands and Small States Institute University of Malta and Member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the Institute of Earth Systems, University of Malta.

2012 -11th National Art Exhibition organised by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce 28th September- 31st October
2013 Solo exhibition of 48 watercolour paintings at Hilton Malta 15th September -30th October
2014 Art Discussion Group 3rd May -25th June Cavalieri Hotel
2014 Malta Horticultural Society Spring Flower Show San Anton Gardens 17th-18th May
2014 - Art Club 2000 at Mdina Local Council Corte Capitanale, Misrah il-Kunsill 29th June- 13th July
2014 - Art Club 2000 at Ministry for Gozo2nd August-28th August
2014 - Art Club 2000 at St Publius Street Mellieha 30th August-8th September
2014 - Washes collective watercolour exhibition Zabbar Sanctuary Museum 25th July-10th August
2014 -- Art Discussion Group at Malta Society of Arts 28th July-28th August
2014 Malta Society of Arts annual exhibition 25th September-31t October
2014 - Din l-Art Helwa Casino Maltese 13th -18th October
2014 Malta Community Chest Fund auction 11th-20th November


August 2013


balconies Valletta by Godwin Cassar


Old Mint Street Valletta by Godwin Cassar


Santa Maria della Salute Venice by Godwin Cassar


Queens Square Valletta by Godwin Cassar


Mizieb Mellieha Malta by Godwin Cassar


Flower Kiosk by Godwin Cassar


Strait Street by Godwin Cassar


Delft Holland by Godwin Cassar


Republic Street Valletta Malta by Godwin Cassar


Birgu-Senglea Waterfront Malta by Godwin Cassar


Valletta Malta by Godwin Cassar


Mdina Malta by Godwin Cassar


Gondolas at the pier Venice by Godwin Cassar


Marsaxlokk Malta by Godwin Cassar


MSIDA mALTA by Godwin Cassar


Great Siege monument by Godwin Cassar


Grand Harbour Valletta by Godwin Cassar


Piazza San Marco by Godwin Cassar


Birgu Waterfront by Godwin Cassar


Valletta waterfront by Godwin Cassar


Palazzo Parisio Naxxar Malta by Godwin Cassar


Mdina skyline Malta by Godwin Cassar


St Julian's Malta by Godwin Cassar


Valletta Malta by Godwin Cassar


wooded landscape by Godwin Cassar


landscaped gardens by Godwin Cassar


Flower Kiosk by Godwin Cassar


Venice canal by Godwin Cassar


Burano Venice by Godwin Cassar


Main Street Balzan Malta by Godwin Cassar


Steps by Godwin Cassar


Venice canal by Godwin Cassar


boats at the pier by Godwin Cassar


Mellieha Malta by Godwin Cassar


Couvre Port Birgu Malta by Godwin Cassar


Independence Square by Godwin Cassar


Venice canal by Godwin Cassar


street cafe' by Godwin Cassar


Mdina streetscape by Godwin Cassar


reflections by Godwin Cassar


Mdina skyline by Godwin Cassar


Venice gondolas by Godwin Cassar


still life by Godwin Cassar


Farmhouse pots by Godwin Cassar


Chateau d'oex by Godwin Cassar


Marsaxlokk harbour by Godwin Cassar


bottles by Godwin Cassar


Venice gondola by Godwin Cassar